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May 20


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Hey peeps, it's been awhile since! So I decided to host a new contest! This time it will be to draw my TBE OCs, mainly Arisalina and/or Restis! The main prize is $25 (or 2000 points if you don't have paypal). I decided to add a participation prize as well that anyone who enters is eligable to win (it will work like a raffle). Please read everything<3 Thank you!

Aim: To draw my OC(s) Arisalina and/or Restis. You can draw them on their own, or together!

  • It must be your own work!
  • It must be coloured.
  • Must have a background (It can be a detailed background, simple background, patterned background, or transparent background. No white backgrounds.)
  • It can be digital or traditional.
  • It can be chibi or non-chibi.
  • You can enter up to 3 times.

Deadline: 22nd August

Prizes: 1st Place
          - $25 (or 2000 points)
          - A pixel Icon request~
          - A traditional chibi request~
          - One colored chibi with background from 3bgrass
          - Fullbody drawing from MimiStars
          - Fullbody drawing of your OC from missjorose2011
          - Half-body sketch from Wonder-heart
          - Full colour half-body request from AyakaYougen

          2nd Place
          - 400 points
          - A traditional chibi request~
          - One colored chibi without background from 3bgrass
          - Full colour headshot request from AyakaYougen

           Participation Prize (The winner of this prize is chosen at random from all the entries)
           - 400 points
           - Traditional chibi request

(Prize donations are appreciated!)

You can draw Restis and Arisa in either their normal or formal outfits/or ballroom (if you draw them together, make sure they have their matching outfits)
Extra information for Arisa: She's a cheerful, smart and polite girl that enjoys reading. She's generally quiet but when she's with Restis she can be very playful and energetic. She has mid-length brown hair. She always wears the cross necklace that Restis gave her.
Extra information for Restis: He's a flirtatious, playful and confident man that likes to tease people. Restis likes to be close with Arisa and he is devoted to keeping her safe and looking after her. Restis plays the violin in his spare time, and he has his left ear pierced.

Normal Outfits:
Restis and Arisa by ChikukkoRefs by Chikukko

Formal Outfits (note: Their hair colours should be like the first reference)
Springtime Love by ChikukkoThe Earl and his Bride by Chikukko
Ballroom Outfits: (see the TBE manga for full reference)
May I Have This Dance, My Lady? by Chikukko

To enter the contest, all you need to do is post your entry to deviantArt and send me the link to your deviation through a note/ Or comment on this journal with your deviation link.

Please help to promote/advertise the contest!

Disclaimer: If there are not enough entries or interest, prize may decrease. However! More prizes will be available if there are a lot of entries!


Chikukko OC contest entry by ZombieErnieArisalina and Restis by TaylorHatakeC: Arisalina aand Restis by HaruBlossomMine to Protect by XxKikiKreationxX
Sunset kiss by ellielzaChikukko's oc : Arisalina and Restis by prankgirl13I'll Protect You Forever - Chikukko Contest Entry by irubelleConest Chikukko by LivulettaChikukko Contest by KFoxDoodles
Chikkuko's oc: Arisalina (Reupload) by prankgirl13Arisalina and Restis by nicogh9Arisa and Restis by lina-loloArisa and Restis [Contest entry] by EmyKittehChikukko's Contest: Arisa by XxUntotenxKasexX
Arisa and Restis by ChaosNite5Contest entry TBE - 'It's fine now' by DevilSuzumiyaArisalina and Restis by TheBloodySoulArisalina and Restis by transientwaveDancing in the night sky by BrimRun
Arisalina (From The Black Earl) by CeceKaoruHanaCE: TBEContest by KuromausuHold You Forever ~ Arisalina and Restis by TheBloodySoulthe library by paigeawesomenessContest Entry by KittyNii
Restis and Arisa by XxKikiKreationxXRestis and Arisa by the-jaysterArisalina and Restis by ugardian34chibi arisa and restis by ugardian34Restis - Contest Entry by Phantom-SilvertongueMoonlight - Contest Entry 2 by the-jayster
.:. CE: On this Night .:. by StephanieRosarioWith You by Angelheartgirlcontest Entry Arisa by Tsunami-Hatro-yukiContest Entry: Arisalina by MoodyGirl1243Restis by TaylorHatakeArisalina and Restis one more time X3 by nicogh9
Arisalina and Restis by nicogh9

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nicogh9 Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Chikukko Featured By Owner 13 hours ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh wow! ^^ Thank you so much for entering both pictures! they're both so adorable! Thank you
nicogh9 Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist… Another entry ;w; I might do one more, I have an idea for one~
ianjarold1 Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student Artist
Question, if I wanted to draw them using a western style form lets say DC Comics or Marvel Comics or any other style would that be fine with you? Or even if I drew them with realism?
Chikukko Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You can draw in any style you'd like ^^
ianjarold1 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Student Artist
awesome!!! :D I look forward to doing this :)
pingcheung Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2014  Student Artist
I want to try one cause I never try out the contest. It made me want to join in the contest!
AyakaYougen Featured By Owner Edited Jul 23, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
hi, i would like to donate prizes for your contest:
1 full color portrait (headshot)

and 1 full color half body
(sorry i don't have examples for this)

i would enter your contest but i have no time :iconrazycryplz:
Chikukko Featured By Owner 13 hours ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you so much ^^
AyakaYougen Featured By Owner 7 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
you're welcome! though I might take a while to complete the prize...Lovely Shoujo Emoji (Whew Sigh) [V3] 
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